Lament for Icarus Picture

I made a promise to myself that I would enter all of the EMTCs this year, so here is my first entry for the 2013. This month's theme (rolled over from last month) is Myths.

Well, for me, I decided to take a more classic take on the theme, going with Mythology. I love doing emote scenes of classic paintings. Even moreso classic mythology paintings. So, when this theme was announced, I knew I wanted to pick a good one. I adore the painting by Herbert James Draper. It show three nymphs lamenting over poor Icarus who fell from the sky after his doomed flight. It's just such a lovely scene, which you can see the original here --->…

Of course, I didn't realize how long this would take me. Honestly, I spent longer on the wings than the rest of the piece combined. OMG, getting them to look right and in-line with the original. Then the coloring. But, in the end, I'm very proud of them. I'm also proud of the background. It's 99% pixelled. The only thing I used any tools for was to get a glow on the mountains in the background (and I would have pixelled that, too, if I'd had time). Granted, whenever you do a pixel version of a real-life piece, you have to take some liberties due to scale, etc., but I think this looks pretty darn good next to the original.

In the end, I'm really happy with this and am proud I have another myth piece for my collection.

*** Art by me. You may share this on dA, but that's it. No off-site usage, at least for now. ***

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