The Storyteller Picture

Hey guys, so I found this painting in my archive and I thought I might as well share it. It is a portrait from Ferdowsi an iranian poet who collected many Iranian (Persian, Scythian, Parthian and ...) myths in a book called Shahnameh (Shahnameh, in Persian means The Tale Of The Kings; though I have seen some people translate it as the letter of the kings O.O). The book contains 60, 000 verses and it covers all Persian myths, which are pretty much in the same style as Greek and Egyptian mythology, I wished there was a Percy Jackson for Persian mythological, at least, people wouldn't know Persia just from Prince of Persia or 300 >.<

The reason why I like him is not just because of all the awesome myths, he is kind of llike Shakspear as he shaped the current Persian as Persian language was being destroyed by Arabic and he spent his fortune and 30 years of his life to write this book in persian which revived the langauge, I think in every house in Iran there is and has been a copy since century's ago. Some more if you are intersted: [link]


.فردوسی در زمان سرودن شاهنامه

بسی رنج بردم در این سال سی
عجم زنده کـردم بدیــن پــــارسی
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