Adephagia, Greek Goddess of Gluttony Picture

As sometimes happens, my latest Mix ended up with a leftover extra pic, and I'M PASSING THE SAVING ON TO YOOOOOUUUUUU!

Basically, Adephagia here was a legit Greek goddess o' gluttony, though any details about her are unfortunately lost to time. But hey, here's a picture of her, originally done for the Big Fat Myth Mix, but showing up here instead due to temporary misplacement!

And hey, if you would like 25 more drawings (plus INFORMATIVE AND WACKY TEXT) of OTHER big fat mythological ladies, the Big Fat Myth Mix is still for sale right here [link] and it is PRET-TY good stuff.

Just sayin'! Just sayin'.

"Saxxon, you ARE biased, though."

No way, if I say it's pret-ty good, you KNOW it's true, because I'm a self-hating artist.

"You're actually annoyingly smug, you SKETCHER."

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