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Comic now available for purchase on Etsy!

Cover for my up and coming comic "Persephone In Underland", currently set to be 26 pages and sold at the Cincy Comic Con this Sept! Cover I drew in Photoshop for my upcoming 20 page comic. It is based on Greek mythology and follows the journey of Persephone through the Underworld, who is pictured here holding a severed head. Many Underworld-related myths overlap in the story and of course many original ideas are introduced. (You may notice Persephone is wearing a standard dress.)

I wanted her reaction to the death of the person she's holding to be somewhat ambiguous but still convey intense emotion while leaving the identity of the body unknown. If anyone is familiar with the Persephone myth, then I hope they will catch the pomegranates suspended around her and maybe even be able to guess who the head belongs to.
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