Gyarados Picture

Gyarados is a large dragon most similar in appearance to those seen in Chinese mythology and might be the roots of the myth. Its serpentine body is largely blue, but its underbelly is yellow and its fins are white. Its mouth is very large and gaping while swimming because it swims though large groups if fish and other prey.
the gyarados has two large whiskers that are tiped with bioluminesent organs that are used to attract prey.
Another bioluminesent organ is the large horn in its head that is used to communicate with other gyarados.
A female Gyarados has smaller whiskers than the male.
Gyarados are extremely rare, and usually not seen in the wild. They usually live in large bodies of water, such as lakes and ponds but can be seen traveling in rivers and seen in the oceans.
reaching a max length of 25 ft its one of the largest pokemon in the ocean.
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