Speedpaint - Bergkongen Picture

Mythological creature concept art from my story; JARNGRIM.

Short review:
Bergkongen, or "Mountain King" in English, is a man from norse myth. He appears as a naked man only covered with a cape made of leaves, and he seduces women with his beauty. It is said he eats the women to elongate his life.

Keep in mind that I am not 100% sure if this is a correct description of Bergkongen since I haven't done much research yet.
I have this idea that this same creature will appear in my JARNGRIM story, and I almost have this "Final boss" feeling about him.
In my story he'll sometimes be seen as a man only covered with the leaf cape, but he'll also transform into this huge monstrosity that will roam far into the mountains and forests.

I am not sure if he'll be immortal, eternal or a demigod yet. The chances that the main characters will face him in battle is very low at the moment. He would be nearly impossible to kill by simple humans. But who knows... maybe they find a solution.

I'm really looking forward to work with Bergkongen's design and story. His personality seems pretty interesting so far at least.

Art, JARNGRIM (c) Me
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