Titans of the cruel dawn Picture

this is from my 2nd assignment of character design class. We were to design 4 of the 12 Titans from uh, the greek myths. Those are pencil lines...i wouldnt have had time to ink even if i wanted to~ xD

If you're a fan of Greek mythology i suppose you'll know who these are, but for the clueless (like myself when i first recieved the assignment)...xDD...(from left to right, my evil titan slaves!!)
Oceanus: titan god of the great earth-encircling river Okeanos. he was the easiest to design, lol~ Poor ship...

Iapetos: titan god of mortality and wounding. I love this dude xDD
Coeus: titan god of the inquisitive mind and the axis of heaven. He has dark rings around his eyes from reading too much, for centuries on end~
Theia: titan goddess of sight and clear blue skies. yaayysss the only female!! <3 lolol, i had to put a woman in somewhere...cant let the guys dominate all xD

Since the lect really liked them, and i put in alot of effort into creating these evil idiots, i'm gonna include them in my original story, lmaaaooo~ <3 they're not gonna be gods, though
Um, btw...so sorry if i took so long to answer messages and thank everyone for the favs and comments and watches!! >.< etoo...once this week is over i will~!! i will!!! hehe..

titan designs © me
textures from mayang
Titans © some very bored Greek people from 5000 years ago <3
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