The White Stag Picture

Just took a little break from people types to draw a critter!

White deer have a place in mythology all over the world, however this in particular was inspired by the European myths in which the white stag is a guide. For some reason, these stories always struck something of a chord with me. I also remember that the small part the stag plays in the Narnia books was a bit that always stuck with me for one reason or another, and when I was in third grade, there was a copy book in my class called The White Stag ([link]) which is a fantasized account of the settling of Hungary, based on local mythology, and I absolutely adored it. I cannot for the life of me tell you why, but I must have read it about ten times.

Anyway, I finally had what I thought was a rather cool idea for a design - borrowed just a tad from Miyazaki's beautiful design for the Forest Spirit in Princess Mononoke.

Hope y'all enjoy!
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