Garuda subduing a serpent Picture

Project from my pastels class. We had to illustrate or create an image based on a myth or mythology from any culture. So yeah...that only left about 20 billion options. I ended up just doing Garuda battling a naga/serpent. I kinda had fun with the naga's design XD
I forgot his belly button. Noooooo!

Done all in pastels. Digital photo of the original.

I know there are a bajillion versions of Garuda, and I stuck with a really colorful, cutesy interpretation for this but its not really how I ever pictured him. I mean he had the jewelry and crown and long hair and earrings but I always drew him with more feathers, more white (instead of bright red and yellow wings), and different colored talons and beak. I made his head more bird like too because dammit human heads + beaks are HARD.

And those wings are a disgrace to humanity :{
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