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Hell yeah, one year in Lokifandom!

Last year, on 20th October, I've watched "Thor" for the first time. I just wanted to look at the characters and to draw a birthday present with Loki for my close friend. Well... I was too naive, I thought that one movie can't change everything.
But it changed.
This year was horrible. I had a rehabilitation course in a specific clinic because of long lasting neurosis. And after that I was injured in a traffic accident and spent about one month in a hospital. Again.
But this year was wonderful too. I ran from the clinic to watch Rammstein concert. I ignored my traumas and welcomed actors of the Avengers movie at the Moscow premiere, just as the crowd around me.
And I met amazing people in "Thor" fandom. Some of them helped me to make a decision to change my mathematical university, to search for something less stressful. They made for me much more than they think, and it's very amusing to know, that without one movie and one character I had no chances to met those ones, who changed my life. Who supported me as well as my old devoted friends.
I want to thank all of them, 'cos they did everything to make my life better after all the troubles - ~Shinigami776, ~Hellen-K-T, -Nikko-, Rayne Li, Aizawa, ~Sillvera, Qwert-chan, ~HechiceraRip, ~Herm-Mudblood.
And I want to thank the character, who involuntarily acquainted me with some of them. It's strange, but true - his role in my life became bigger than I ever thought
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