Mboi Tui Picture

The second son of Tau and Kerana, from the guaraní mythology.
Its fun to imagine how the birth scene would have been. Initialliy Kerana must had been relieved, for it was going relatively easily considering that her first child had a humongous head Ouch. Until, a couple of meters later she realizes that her son isn't done with coming out of there yet...

Mboi Tui is described as a serpent with a parrot's head. A fiersome gaze, a horrible squawk, ared forked tongue and, sometimes, with a pair of legs.
Here's the wikipedia article: [link]

It was rather hard to make the head look like that of a parrot, but not be funny or cute. And even harder to fuse a parrot head with that of a snake without losing too much of any of the two animals. I included the vestigial legs
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