Daphne Picture

I'm a big fan of greek and roman mythology, and so I wanted to do something from one of the myths that I enjoy. I also wanted to draw a tree. So the story of Daphne, who fled from Apollo and was turned into a tree. There are many variations on this myth, anything from she turned herself to a tree, she begged her father to turn her into a tree, and so on. But the end result is the same, it was apparently a permanent change and apollo then used the leaves from her tree to form a crown as an expression of eternal love to her.

This was done on crescent #100 illustration board, using a mixture of watercolors for the tree and background and colored pencils for her skin and hair.

Awards and display
I have not shown this piece publically beyond uploading it on my old deviantart account.

I have not made prints of this piece yet, however I do have the print files so will make them available once the move is done.

Packed in storage!

Side Note
This piece is also uploaded in my
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