Yule Picture

Odin and Yule goat travelling to Midgard for Midvinter celebration.

I've painted this for a contest on Norse Mythology blog www.norsemyth.org/2013/11/art-…

Unfortunatelly at some point Photoshop crashed and had overwritten a resized small copy, and that's a bummer. <_<

As to the story behind the image. It's Odin traveling with the Yule goat to Midgard. I captured a moment of rest in the wilderness. The god takes shelter huddled next to the big furry fellow and smokes his pipe. The big log in the fire is not a coincidence. It's also a midwinter tradition. It used to be a log with runes carved into it, now it's a cake or a big piece of ham. I imagined that Odin weaves magic over the log.
As the two main heroes rest the fire lured in some dwarves or Icelanding stone fellows (Huldufolk) to see what is the leader of Aesir up to, and maybe steal some food or a little trinket

I thought of including also the myth of Krampus, but in the end I decided it would be a little bit too much.

Well have a nice Midwinter folks.

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