MYTH Picture

Character design for the IMAF comp of Mythological characters in a modern setting. Was one of the five semi-finalists.

'Cos I love all creepy dog monsters, I chose the UK's Black Shuck beastie; a big ole' dark doggeh that brings forth doom and destruction on any traveller on the moors around....uh, somewhere. Small villages. He left some claw marks on a church when someone outran him, but he got him in the end.

Funnily enough, the town over? He looks after kids and women D: He walks them home and watches over 'em until they reach safety.

My Shuck found that cars kind of cut his style so he decided to find a new job; as a police dog. You're looking at the finest crook-catcher this side of Suffolk! Of course, sleeping in front of the lead constable's fire and drinking tea from a saucer and getting to have a cinnamon bun now and then is an added incentive to remaining in a mortal form. But then again...if the call's sent out, he'll run over bog and grass to find the culprit and tear them to pieces...

I think I might draw more of him; he's an intriguing character.
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