Crow woman Picture

this is another in the series of myth/fable related illustrations, I’m perpetually working on. I turned this drawing into a lino-cut print, one of my first prints actually, maybe i'll upload it a little later. (the lino cut also features a coyote moon, and is a more encompassing homage to native american trickster spirits, and a more direct reference to the myth of when raven stole the sun/moon/stars.)

Crow woman is an illustration i did when researching native mythology last year. Crows & ravens feature prominently in mythologies across the worlds and are often trickster spirits. In many myths, specifically native ones, they play a part in the creation of the world.
Also this creature could be interpreted as the morrigan, or the crow battle goddess that flies over the field of battle in celtic mythology.
oh and its also a shout-out to Charles de lint's crow girls, a writer of whom i am a great fan.
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