THOR:: Tearing apart Picture

I wanted to upload this tomorrow...
but when my brother asked me several times "WHY!?" and I found no answer... yeah, u get it today~

The way you look at me
Is tearing me apart...
And the way I still feel for you
Is tearing you apart...
And the things we´re doing to each other
Is tearing us apart...

I see no hope for things turning better for them.
I see no hope for Loki and Thor.
I see no hope for a happy end in THOR 2.
I mean, Thor and Loki both die at some point in time in the comic. Thor brings Loki back to life, Loki brings Thor back always the same fucking end)

You all know how fucked up Marvel sometimes can be~

Because there is no Balder in the movie for example wouldn't stop them to let Loki die. Maybe they wont let anyone die? who knows? Maybe the will let Thor or Loki be brought back to life later again? WHO FREAKING KNOWS?

They changed already things for the movie.
And Marvel changed a lot of the myth in their comics too. Like Frigga is actually NOT Thor's biological mother. And Laufey was Lokis MOTHER and not father and other stuff...
Marvel belongs to Dinsey - I brace myself with the worst outcome =3=

Oh, and I am not satisfied with the pic
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