Harpy Maker Picture

This is a very simple dressup game by my standards, this time featuring the harpies and sirens from Greek mythology, and is therefore the first mythical game I've made that isn't based on Scandinavian folklore. It didn't take much time to make.

Harpies were monstrous bird women who stole food and tortured the Argonauts on their way to Tartarus.

The sirens were seductive creatures from Greek mythology. They lived on a flowery island, and sang with their beautiful voices to make sailors sailing by their island go mad and jump into the water to reach the sirens. In some myths they eat the sailors, in others they simply let the sailors sit and listen to their voices until they die of starvation and then rot. In any case, the sirens are usually depicted as evil.
Contrary to popular belief, the sirens were not described as mermaids or sea-creatures of any kind, that's just how they were depicted in Renaissance art rather than ancient Greek art. In ancient Greek art, they were bird women; half bird, half woman. In some depictions they have bird bodies and human heads, while in others they have human bodies but bird feet and wings. I let you pick between both of these in this game. Their connection to birds is probably because birds have such beautiful singing voices.
And yes, I included some exotic bird forms that didn't exist in ancient Greece simply to make it a little more varied.

This game only took about 2 weeks to make, amazingly enough, usually my games take at least a month to make.
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