TF - Myth AUs Picture

Been a while since I've drawn any Transformers fanart, and I needed a break from the ponies and pookas.

Featuring my most loved TF OC, Scraps in various AUs.
First, some dragonformers, mostly inspired by *JazzTheTiger's work. A weird little cyclops draggie, based on a little robot I made in 3D class. Need to work on the design some more, she's got insane potential for CUTE! Then Scraps and her big brother/caretaker Fourarms. I really like how they both came out. Lookit those widdle raptor-hand secondary arms! And a little facial study of bot and dragon forms.
Then a simple colored pose thingy. It occurred to me that I've never drawn Scraps using her main/only weapon, even though she has one. The tip of her middle finger detaches, and acts as a weight at the end of a long, thin wire, which can cut through almost anything. It's pretty deadly at short range, but given that she's so tiny that most mechs could squash her with one punch, it's more for self defense than real fighting.
Then couple of silly doodles inspired by =Xobit's recent submission. Her new centaurformers-verse was a bit of a surprise, but it managed to tickle my muse. (Though it probably shouldn't have been as much of a surprise, given that she's already made her way through most of the well known mythological creatures.) I really had to draw Scraps just to figure out what color goes where before I could imagine her as a centaur. Then a bonus sketch of Scraps getting a ride from her seekersus (Ha!) buddy, Stormer. Xobit's fic implied winged centaurs carrying their flightless prisoners with them, so I had to figure out how that would work. For some reason, the way her foreleg is wrapped around the base of his wing is just sooo cute.
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