Der Prahler naht Picture

Old stuff, from back in 2004.

This was an illustration that had bugged me for quite a while. It started out as a simple idea: savage, primal, barbarian warrior facing off a monster, seen from behind the warrior figure. I had not a single clue as to what he would be facing, though. I just knew I wanted it to be mythological in essence - not so much the stuff of D&D. It would have to be the stuff of mythological epics. I tried drawing different mythological monsters: a troll, a manticore, a giant, a chimera... nothing worked.

So I left it (the drawing) alone for two weeks.

But then, I thought of legends and sagas, and Siegfried came to mind. I thought it would be pretty awesome to draw Siegfried facing off with Fafner the dragon.

[Fafner] : Pruh! Komm, prahlendes Kind!
[Siegfried] : Hab' acht, Brüller! Der Prahler naht!

Translates as:

[Fafner]: Bah! Come on, braggart boy!
[Siegfried]: On your guard, growler! The braggart comes!
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