A mythology Picture

"In mythology and mysticism, men and women regularly reach for the sky, and devise rituals and techniques of trance and concentration that enable them to put their ascension stories into practice, and 'rise' to a 'higher' state of consciousness...When people aspired towards the transcendence represented by the sky, they felt that they could escape from the frailty of the human condition and pass to what lies beyond... Myths about flight and ascent have appeared in all cultures, expressing a universal desire for transcendence and liberation from the constraints of the human condition."

-An excerpt from A History of Myth by Karen Armstrong

I was looking back over pictures that I took on my vacation, and I noticed this one. We've been studying mythology and its impact on people in my English Honors class; kites seem to me a way for humans to reach for the sky, and attempt to escape the restrictions of Earth and humanity.

(This is a picture of my dad's trick kite. He's amazing at flying them, whereas I am horrible at it.)
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