Banzai Mascots Japanese Myths Picture

Made this for the 2012 Anime Banzai mascot contest. It's the mascots Ban and Sai. The theme was Japanese mythology so I drew them during the creation of Japan.
All digital. Probably some of the best digital line art i've done to date. I'm very pleased with myself.
The land isn't exactly japan, but if you think. It probably didn't look like japan right off the bat, so...yeah.
I enjoyed myself. Took about 3 hours from start to finish. done in photoshop cs3

Japan's creation narrative can be divided into the birth of the deities (Kamiumi) and the birth of the land (Kuniumi).

The seventh and last generation of Kamiyonanayo were Izanagi no Mikoto ("Exalted Male") and Izanami no Mikoto ("Exalted Female"),[2] and they would be responsible for the creation of the Japanese archipelago and would engender other deities.[3][4]

To help them do this, Izanagi and Izanami were given a naginata decorated with jewels, named Ame-no-nuboko ("Heavenly Jeweled Spear"). The two deities then went to the bridge between heaven and earth, Amenoukihashi ("Floating Bridge of Heaven") and churned the sea below with the halberd. When drops of salty water fell from the halberd, they formed into the island Onogoro ("self-forming").
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