Living in Myth artbook photos Picture

*** UPDATE! Living in Myth is now available for sale at my Etsy shop maiji*mond! [link] ***

Photos of the artbook that we debuted at FanExpo this past weekend! ^^ Thank you to everyone who visited and said hello!

Apologies for the lame photography and collage work, it is all my fault XD;;

Living in Myth: a book of imaginary characters in a legendary world
art by Impie/Le - Maiji/Mary Huang - orangisque/Joanna Poon

Three artists. Three visions. Three mythologies.
Living in Myth re-imagines familiar roleplaying job classes - warrior, mage, summoner and others - as they might appear in three diverse worlds - Caveronis, a Celtic realm; Al Afsanna, an Arabian/Persian kingdom; and Ashihara no Yo, an Eastern landscape. Filled with full-colour illustrations created specially for this artbook, including artist bios and work-in-progress sketches and renderings.

8.5x11, 48 pages

Living in Myth will next be available for $25 CDN at:

Doujinka Festival, October 31, 2009 [link]
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