Myth Piece02: Patience Waning Picture

Part 2 of 5 of my mythology series for my painting class and I chose the tale of Anchin and Kiyohime for my project.

This time we had to make our story 'Metaphorical' and use different symbol aside from the ones we used in our first painting (I.E. snakes). Took me a while but I went with shadows and hair as the symbols for this time around and red, black and white as my main colors.

I really have a thing for splattering paint everywhere, though I have to be a bit more cautious about my surroundings and be a bit more wary about my clothes XP

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

11x14 stretched canvas, acrylics and palette knife
P.S. Sorry about the shoddy camera skills. Tried to make sure the pic could at least look a bit half decent but most of the pics had too much white glare or something
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