The myth of Osiris Picture

This picture is done for a contest on My topic is egyptian mythology. I chose the myth of Osiris.

... or "the story about the guy, who lies in a box after the first scene"

Once upon the time, there was ET in ancient egypt. He let himself be called Osirs. Is little brother was Seth, whom i always told, that he had the face of a wild boar. Seth totally didn't like taht and made an really really evil plan: He put [ET] Osiris in a box. In the meantime Osiris sister Isis got a child, which was really ugly because of all the incest. Isis was afraid Seth would talk badly aout her for having such an ugly child, she tried to drown the baby in the Nil. But the child survived, but got to human people. Those thought the ugly baby was a celestial beeing and brought Horus up. Isis, finally without baby, searched for the box. She found the box in a tree. Seth totally didn't like that and slashed Osiris into peaces. That was enough! Seth had to be stopped, but the great hero was still missing. Wush, there came Tut-Ench-(insert name of same crazy cook): "I already have something prepared" and took a grown up Horus out of his oven. Horus foght against his uncle Seth. Seth said: "You can't win against my gay-blades". But Horus was because of the short cooking time not [well done] really intelligent. The only technique, he was able to use, is to hit with his heavy blades of massive gold. After hitting Seth a few time, he was done for. And Horus the new king.

I hope you can laugh about the stupid story I made up while drawing the picture. Otherwise read the real story on wiki or something and forget my version. *^-^*

important: The texture in the back is from cloaks [link]
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