Twist on the PY Myths: Ao Ao Picture

The New Paraguayan Mythology Suite: Ao Ao.

Chapter 6:

Cansada y desilusionada. Entregada y mustia, Kerana da a luz a su sexto hijo. Una vez más sietemesino. Una vez más monstruoso. Se le conocerá con el nombre de Ao Ao. Posee la facultad de reproducirse solo y vive en una gran manada en las zonas más inhóspitas de cerros y montañas. El Ao Ao se alimenta de carne humana y vive persiguiendo a las gentes que se aventuran por los cerros. La única manera de salvarse de la manada es trepando a un pindo. Cualquier otro árbol en el que se refugien los perseguidos será desarraigado por sus terribles garras y derribado en poco tiempo pero al parecer, el pindo posee algún hechizo contra la ferocidad de estos monstruos. El Ao Ao es cuadrú
Tired and disappointed, withered and surrendered, Kerana bears her sixth child. Once again born on the seventh month. Once again a monstrosity. He shall be known by the name of Ao Ao. He is an hermaphrodite who lives in large numbers in the most inhospitable regions of hills and mountains. Ao Ao feeds on human flesh, and hunts those who dare out alone on the hills and mountains. The only way to escape the pack is to climb a Pindo tree. Any other tree the hunted may climb will be chopped down in no time by his terrible claws. The Pindo however, seems to have some kind of spell against these monsters. The Ao Ao walks on four legs, but when he attacks, he stands on two. His very strong claws and large head may remind one of a bear; however, his body looks like that of a sheep and thus disguised he fools people into coming near him fearlessly.

From the Jorge Montesino's Book: Mitología Paraguaya.

Excellent Translation by my dear friend and Executive English Teacher: Sascha Rosenberger.
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