Kitsune Vs Kumiho Picture

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BG information:

Kumiho - A Fox legend in Korean mythology; known in tales to be more on the evil side (known to be a women who transforms into a fox, and then seduces men in order to eat there hearts &/or other organs)

Kitsune- A fox legend in Japanese mythology; quite the opposite of Kumiho in the aspect this shapeshifter is usually depicted as being a trickstar yet loyal and kind. It is also usually depicted as a women, and if her transformation has 9 tails it represents supreme knowledge, power and that the kitsune is (pretty much) immortal.

PHEW! Ok, enough historical code! XD lol on to description!
I was actually unaware that the Kumiho myth existed (since most of us only know of Werewolves and Kitsune due to popular media) so when I came across this myth I just HAD to study it like the fantasy/sci-fi nerd I am -3-! then the idea hit, WHAT IF a Kitsune wandered into Kumiho's territory?! No doubt a evil vs. good battle! (or atleast in my head lol)
All work (C) by Taylor D. Crowe/TheRockyCrowe

time: 5 1/2 hours
programs: Wacom Bamboo Capture, Photoshop 8
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