The Lights of Death Picture

Commission for Ahkward of legendary Tuhk, from her Naor. I tried to catch Naor Myth feeling in this picture.

According to Naori mythology, Tuhk is the Leader of Mkarishuers - one of three death deities. He is responsible for the transportation of the souls from their place of death to Rohjun. There they will be tried and it will be decided whether they are to be reincarnated or devoured by his "sister", Mkeshu. If the soul is to be reincarnated, Tuhk is the one to deliver the soul to its new heart. It's said that Tuhk was created from the Fears of the Moon God, Aet. On occasion, Tuhk flies up the the heavens and the two Gods to battle. During this time, the moon god bleeds, making the light coming from him orange and red….

I love that character XD.

© Tuhk and mythology of Naor world belongs to Akhward.
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