Print Myths: Maori Picture

Another future relief printmaking project sketch...

Maori legends this time, from New Zealand/Oceanic Mythology. Patupaiarehe are basically their form of fairies and/or goblins. Often portrayed as albino or lightly skinned (sometimes blue) people with white or red-ochre colored hair, these Patupaiarehe are afraid of light and fire. Some myths say they are tiny, others say they are giant, I liked the giant myth so I tried to make them seem tall even with the perspect, with long torsos and arms. They like to play flutes, apparently, and are deeply offended by cooked food.

This was a myth about some Maori people that captured a few fairies and kept them in their hut until the sun came up. Then they let the light in and killed the fairies. The Patupaiarehe were very distrustful of anyone outside of their own family clan, even other fairy kind, and only came out at night or in twilight. The Maori elders would tell stories about how you can hear singing and voices in the deep forest at night.

Any tips on how to improve it will be appreciated. I don't have to have it solid for at least a week. Short of a massive overhaul on it, I will probably correct whatever is said to improve it!

Art © Julie Love 2009

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