The Myth of Narcissus Picture

This is one of my pictures from my art portfiolio for my application to senior high school. The task was to make an artistic expression on the theme "The myth of Narcissus". The Grecian mythology is about this man called Narcissus who got enchanted by the love god, Afrodite. When he saw his own reflection in the water, he couldn't stop looking, and by the time he died and turned in to a flower.

So, this is my interpreting. The picture is illustrating this flower that looks at itself in the mirror and see its true form. By putting some light lines on the mirror I hope it would look more like a real mirror. I'm very pleased about how the result turned out and I hope you all like it!

Programme Photoshop CS3 and 7.0

Tablet: Wacom Tablet

Time taken: 10 hours

Original size: 3000 x 2152 pixels

You are NOT allowed to use or copy this picture without my permission, please respect my wish.
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