Myth of Kallisto Picture

Myth of Kallisto is a greek legend of a young maiden called Kallisto.

She was one of the hunters of greek goddess Artemis.
Unfortunately leader of Olympos god Zeus fell in love with her. Hera goddess of the heavens got very jeallous and turned Kallisto in to a bear. Zeus and Kallisto had one son Arkas. At the end of the story Zeus threw both of the in to the sky and consellations of Ursa Major (Big bear) and Ursa Minor (small bear) were born.

Little bit more about my illustration. I searched different images of Kallisto. Artists tend to portray her as and adult woman. Usually followers of Artemis were 12 - 15 years old that is why my image of Kallisto is quite a young maiden. Perhaps there was a bear inside of her all the time. Who knows...greek myths always have lot's of debth in them.

This illustration was especially created for a book project I'm planning about bears in european mythology. Fingers crossed that I'll get grant money I applied.

Artwork (c) Niina Niskanen
media: watercolors, felt-tipped-pencils and acrylics
Original size: A4 / 8 x 11 in

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