Myths: Hades Picture

Hades was the ancient Greek god of the underworld. Eventually, the god's name came to designate the abode of the dead. ... According to myth, he and his brothers Zeus and Posiden defeated the Titans and claimed rulership over the cosmos, ruling the underworld, air, and sea, respectively; the solid earth, long the province of Gaia was available to all three concurrently. -wikipedia.

I've always had a fascination with mythology. Greek/Roman mythology was the first, ironically, to be introduced to me through Disney. About four years ago, I started a project of drawing some of my characters as Greek mythological figures cause, y'know, why not? Ultimately, I only finished two (Hades (Cip) and Zeus(Brigade)), and started a sketch for the third (Aphrodite). The files are long since gone, however, so there's nothing to compare. I may come back tomorrow and try to add a background to this, but that's debatable.

Cip is one of my older characters, and I don't draw her as much as I wish I did. She stemmed from my love of enigmatic characters and my love of the mafia. She best represents Hades, the god of the dead and underworld. As a mafia boss with a typical rough past, Cip is a calculative, manipulative, and all around cruel individual. She has a heart, but it's hidden amongst thorns and guarded by concrete walls. She takes no shit and runs a blood-stained underground with ruthless efficiency.

At some point in time, I will learn how to accurately shade clothing without giving up half-way through.

Artwork and Cip are © myself/shiply. Please do not steal/trace/copy/etc.
Pose was referenced from
this picture.
Paint Tool SAI and IntuosPro tablet and pen.
Estimated three hours.

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