KotOR Mythology Picture

M!Preg is just evil.

But I was in the chat room one day when I came across and idea that made me wtf. In fact it made a few people wtf.

This idea was a RPG in which Revan and his crew crash land in Ancient Egypt. There they are declared "enemies of the state". O_o

Then ~Oona-Opal mentioned something about Seth raping Male Revan in the ass and then him [Revan] getting pregnant from eating lettuce.

And so, I was inspired to draw.

It was originally Revan, but I suck so bad at drawing, it looked more like Carth. So here it is. M!Preg Carth eating lettuce and getting pregnant.

This is just a quick doodle, I might redraw it at some stage. But yeah. The myth is The Contending of Horus and Seth for those of you who don't know Egyptian Mythology.

Now, if you will excuse me. I'm off to scrub my brain.
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