Favourites of Mythology 4 Picture

Spring-Heeled Jack - The Terror of London, Springheel’d Jack ran amuck through Southern Britain between 1837 and 1904, according to most literature, while other sightings have been reported into the present day. He was said to be at least 6 feet tall, with long, gangly limbs, bulging red eyes, and a gentlemanly appearance. He has most commonly been sighted as having metallic claws, goggles, white oilskin pants, and a black greatcoat. While some reports have claimed he can breathe blue flames, almost every encounter states that he leaped great bounds, sometimes over 9 foot walls, to evade capture during his rampage. His crimes are mostly vile pranks, but he is most commonly known to slap men unconscious, temporarily blind people with his flames, and rip the clothes off women to molest them in the streets.

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