Mythologize Picture

It's Myth! <3

One of my new year's resolutions was to get off my lazy butt and work on all of my characters.
The first to get a design overhaul was Mythologize, my neglected little baby Koi. lolz
He's going to be a of these days.

Anyway, Myth is one of those overly cliche soul collectors...who collects souls. He guides them between Gates, which lead from the different worlds to the afterlife. There is only one Gate that leads to the afterlife, and only those who have passed through it know what's on the other side.
Obviously Myth doesn't know, because he's not dead.
In fact, he's quite alive and well, funnily enough. He was contracted into service by one of the many death 'gods' (called gods by the people, but they're not really, just powerful spirits, who have passed on), called Auri. Who I still need to draw. :U

For some reason, I really like the skull mask.
A lot.

Drawn in SAI, colored in GIMP. ~1 hour

Mythologize (c) Me
krawk (c) neopets
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