Modern Myths - Vanara Picture

This is for the Modern Myths contest.
I was given the Vanara!

The Original Description:
"Similar to monkeys, vanaras are shorter than human height in general and their bodies is covered with bright feathers, usually brown." - Monstropedia [link]

How they've changed:
As they've evolved, Vanaras have become more human-like. They've shed most of their feathers and the few they have left are much more colourful than their ancestors. Their feathers are usually on the inner side of the arms, ankles and at the ends of their hair. They have diamond shaped pupils.
They're usually hired as models, because of their exotic look, and most work in the beauty/fashion business. They're slowly taking over humans as the best models in the world.

Made with watercolour paints, tea and felt tip pen.

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