Schemers: Set and Horus Picture

On hindsight, this didn't turn out at all like I intended. Messing with colors, but I'm not sure this worked. Also used limited layers (painted over and merged down).

It seems wrong to submit mythological beings into "Fanart" or "Anthro" or "Original Characters", so Other it is. What strange categorizations you have there, dA.

This's for submission to a school publication themed "Myths and Monsters". The freshman orientation for next year is Egyptian-themed, particularly the story of Isis and Osiris, so at first I was going to paint them, but decided 'twould be too repetitive. Next best pair of that train of mythology was these two - everyone draws them fighting, so here's something a little different! I found it interesting that though Set is described in places as a white-skinned redhead, he's usually portrayed as dark (probably for the connotation of evil). Here he's, er, more of a carrot-top, I s'pose.

Just good ol' Photoshop, ~13h. Progress: [link]
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