Alright, I’m uploading this one separately because I just love it so much! Also, it pretty much sums up about half of the Norse Myths.

In Norse Mythology Loki and Thor were basically best friends (FOREVER until Balder’s death). Considering Loki was Odin’s blood brother I guess that would make Loki Thor’s blood uncle? Lol Anyways. Loki and Thor often went on adventures together (the brain and the brawn) and overall they just seemed to enjoy one another’s company. Also, one of the only times Loki helped solve a problem, without him being the cause or without being threatened to do so, was when Mjolnir was stolen.

But this picture was inspired by the fact that in one story Thor and Loki had to cross a river and so Loki climbed onto Thor’s back so he wouldn’t get swept away. So I can just imagine Loki clinging onto to Thor while they go adventuring through the nine realms XD
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