Monochrome Myth: Hippocampus Picture

Monochrome Myth: Hippocampus
January 3rd, 2011
Roseart colored pencils on drawing paper

Because of school, I've only had time to do graphite drawings. I've missed my cheap but vibrant colored pencils, so I challenged myself to do a monochromatic color piece.

I got the idea to draw a hippocampus (which is the literal Greek for seahorse) in all blues--Azure, Light Blue, Blue, Ocean Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, and Turquoise--and nothing else. No regular pencil and no erasing (since colored pencil doesn't erase well anyway).

I think it turned out OK overall. The shading on the neck is a little off and the placement of the tail bothers me a little, but it's fairly minor, I think. My favorite part is the head crest. I love drawing those things!

I have ideas for more: a dragon in red, an Elf in green, maybe a fairy in pink...

Comments and critiques are welcome.
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