Age of Mythology TRL - Onager Ship Picture

The Onager Ship is the Roman siege type ship. It not only counters arrow ships but is also effective at taking out shoreline fortifications due to its long range and high attack. (Towers and Fortresses still do bonus damage to it, however - and the Onager cannot outrange defensive structures until it is upgraded into the Siege Onager Ship in the Mythic Age.) What makes the Onager Ship unique among Siege Ships is that the mounted onager hurls a single boulder rather multiple projectiles, similar to the Egyptian Catapult.

Age: Heroic
Trained at:

Strong against: Arrow ships, buildings
Weak against:
Hammer ships, towers/fortresses


100 wood 90 gold
Crush Damage: 24
x0.5 vs Buildings
Range: 18 meters
Hitpoints: 470
Hack Armor: 8%
Pierce Armor: 50%
Crush Armor: 8%
Speed: 5.0 meters/second
Line of Sight: 24 meters
Training Time: 17 seconds

Worship Neptune to gain this bonus:

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