Age of Myth: CLASH OF TITANS Picture

Finally, a brand new and huge artwork again! This battle scene shows a fierce fight between the forces of ATLANTIS and the NORSE warriors.

The characters are named as followed (from left to right):
Heka-Giant (4 arms), Destroyer (cape), Murmillo (shield), Hersir (hammer), Einherjar (horn), Ulfsark (wolf fur armor).

After all, I see there are some anatomy flaws – I guess, I was more concentrating on the armor and design of the characters and messed with some anatomy here and there. But I don’t mind, since the atmosphere and look is overall satisfying!
*This picture is a FAN ARTWORK about the Computer game “Age of Mythology – The Titans” and has been a request from my brother!
Art (c) by ~ReptileCynrik
All character designs and names are (c) to MICROSOFT CORPORATION (2006)
Published by UBISOFT

Drawing Material:
My usual stuff… pencils, colour pencils, markers and acrylics. Took me 4 days to finish it!
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