Alexis, Fairy of Myths Picture

Alexis is the fairy of myths, and specializes in Greek and Roman mythology. She has a book similar to Legendarium, which she uses to bring myths to life. But unlike Silena, she uses it for good. Well, tries to. She can't control it completely yet. Alexis is an Earth fairy, which explains why she can only interact with Earth myths.
The Tragix Club help her when she accidentally unleashes a wave of Greek monsters on Alfea by dropping her magic book. She thanks them and reads them a blessing from her book, which gives the Tragix new powers.
Base: Cristalinawinx (Modified)
Book: MiniWinx (Also modified)
Alexis: Me
Yes, her hair is SUPPOSED to look like that. She styled it like Meg's because she's in Hercules, and that's one of her favourite myths.

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