Mythological Cattle V.2.0 Picture

Remakes! This time its these guys… , so here they are, the Mythological Oxen!

-Ability:Rock Head/Defaint(HA Rivalry)
-Small Calf pokemon
-"Their heads are very hard, enabling them to ram their heads even against rocks and suffering no damage. They are very competetive amongst themeselves, always trying to prove their worth to each other. However, they are very friendly to humans, and are fairly intelligent, making them great pets."

When Calfith is given a Fire Stone, it evolves into:

056-Foitaur(Fotia(Fire in Greek)-Taur)
-Ability:Rock Head/Defaint(HA Flash Fire)
-Golden Horns pokemon
-"In ancient times, kings used to compete with one another by seeing who posseses the Foitaur with the largest horns. The horns a made completely out of a subtance similar to gold, but even more valuble. In the wild, Foitaur demonstrate incredible power when fending of attackers, and they attack by charging at the foe and covering their bodies with flames."

When Calfith is given a Dusk Stone, it evolves into:

-Ability:Rock Head/Defaint(HA Reckless)
-Warrior pokemon
-"Spartaur is mentioned in ancient Dracorian mythology. They are known as the "Gate Guardians", because in ancient times they were stationed as guards for the kings of Dracora. Their bodies are harder than the toughest mineral, giving them incredible defensive capabilities. They are able to see perfectly in the darkness of underground caves."

So these guys are based on a minotaur and the fire breathing oxen from the Golden Fleece.

Hope you like it!
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