Age of Mythology TRL - Quinquereme Picture

The Quinquereme is the roman arrow ship. It counters ramming ships. Unlike other arrow ships, Quinqueremes are able to carry a single unit. While transporting any unit will give it a boost in attack, this is primarily used to carry heroes, granting the Quinquereme a temporary hero status. Doing this also decorates them with royal red drapes.

Age: Classical
Trained at:

Strong against: Ramming ships
Weak against:
Siege ships, Towers/Fortresses


80 wood 40 gold
Pierce Damage: 6 x 3 arrows
x2.5 vs Transport Ships
Range: 12 meters
Hitpoints: 240
Hack Armor: 30%
Pierce Armor: 15%
Crush Armor: 5%
Speed: 7.25 meters/second
Line of Sight: 22 meters
Training Time: 12 seconds

Worship Neptune to gain this bonus:

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