Mythology Card - Envy Picture

i'm forever only uploading my school work =_= how sad

stupid mythology card....
ok first..i know Envy (7 sins) isnt a myth at all...but my teacher let me do it so who cares XD
planning took a while..gave me so much trouble =_=
and THEN it was vectoring time! oh joy! this gave me even more hell. i only ended up using like 15% of my reference photo we took at school...which was ONLY for my face and exposed skin...the rest i had to make up, even the snakes (stupid snakes) =____=
i decided that considering the amount of time alloted i wasnt going to go into super immense detail on the snakes, as that is just pure suicide.
the bottom of it is...i dont know if anyone can tell but it's a pile of snakes
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