Tribute to Tim Burton's Mythology Picture

Basically what it says! This was in my MYTHOLOGY exhibit, in the "fake myths" room because the works of Tim Burton are not considered "myths." Yet the word "mythology" or "mythos" can be used to describe his universe, just like it can for neopets, or the ancient Greeks. Burton's work maybe isn't old enough to be a myth yet, but maybe in a couple hundred years it will? And who puts a date on something like that? We have never been modern.

Anyway, Jack Skellington and the Cheshire Cat, looking into a crystal ball with Corpse Bride, Kim from Edward Scissorhands, and Sweeney Todd. I wanted to parallel those two lovable toothy grins, and make a cool mystical ball... the two girls are in these poses:… (middle) and….

Have you ever heard The Nightmare Revisited?!?!?!??!?!?!?! If not look it up NOW. here I will make it easy for you!!!… This is one of the best creations of music EVER, I wish I had heard about it sooner!!!!!!! It was basically my playlist for this whole drawing, well the whole gallery really. Well, the last like 3 months really. It was just on repeat! So amazing! It is the songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas, but redone by awesome artists like Evanescence, Rise Against, etc etc. It really is phenomenal. I just usually listen to Fall Out Boy's "What's This?" instead of Flyleaf's. And the original Oogey Boogey song, because nothing can top that! I just love this album, I think they did every remake amazing, What's This is hyper in the movie so they slowed it down in the revisited, and other songs they sped up, it is GREAT just take my word for it! This drawing really is a tribute to this album as well as Tim Burton! All they needed to do was ask My Chemical Romance to do a song and I would have just had heart palpitations over the extreme affection I feel for this album! And take away that stupid Sparklehorse song WTF is that thing? ugh I skip it every time >.> I don't know what they were thinking with that. Just ugh. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE
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