Greek Mythology Adoptable: 1[closed] Picture

Here is my second adoptable, first greek myth adoptable, an echidna. Echidna in Greek mythology was similar to lamias, half snake and half woman. Echidna was the mother of most of the Greek monsters, like the chimera, hydra, cerberus etc. I plan on making more Greek mythology themed adoptables down the line.

By purchasing this adoptable you are purchasing the design of the character. She will be your OC. You can give her a name, story and draw her freely. Use her as you wish, as you'd use your own OC. You will receive this picture upon purchase.

Price: 150 points

No holds or reservations
* Please pay within 24 hours of claim or the adoptable will reopen.

You can change adoptable's design.
No refunds.
You can't resell it.

Thank you for being interested and reading this far.

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