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My first official team! Merchants FTW ^^ Legends of Myths is a reference to Greek/Roman mythology. They have a passion for mythology and for their items. Remember! You break it, you buy it!

Wanna get cameo'd? Wanna cameo LoM? Drop a comment!

He is a male Seedot who just can't wait to get out of his shell! Or evolve as others would call it. He hates his appearance now, so he covers most of it with silk scarves that he has traded for in his lifetime. The black scarf is written on with chalk, so he can take it off, and get someone else to draw on his mouth! This job is going to be for his partner, but for now, it's anyone who wants to do it! (I think I may make a "Draw Heracles's Mouth meme later on~) He enjoys the thrill of a good sell, and hates to lose a customer. Bandits and stealers feel his wrath of a rock hard shell.

He came to the guild to make deals! He simply can't get enough. His parents were also in the trade. With such an odd, yet historically honored name, he turned quite a few heads where he came from. Heracles doesn't exactly like to be alone, and so at the guild, he is going to try to level up as quick as possible to get a partner!

New places
Oran berries

When his bag goes missing
Fire Pokemon intimidate him
Sitrus berries

Personality: As a pawniard with an attitude problem, it's surprising he got a partner, but you know Heracles! He's quiet, but is extremely opinionated. Really dedicated to training, and loves the feel of power. He may be dangerous in that aspect. He is actually a true friend except he absolutely REFUSES to draw Heracles's mouth. He's just not artistic. Don't mess with his merchandise!

Found by Heracles, he was at his home in the rocky mountains. Here, he trained by pounding rocks into diamonds. His parents encouraged this dedication, and was fighters just like him. Now, they are gone to retire at Lavender Town, where they reside in the gardens. He keeps up the family business. Well, did til Heracles came along.


Overly Friendly Pokemon
Berries in general

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