Modern Myths: Harionago Picture

This is my entry for [link]

I got a Harionago

From wiki:
Harionago is a frightening female ghoul in Japanese mythology. Her name literally meaning "Barbed woman", the Harionago is said to be a beautiful woman with extremely long hair tipped with thorn-like barbs. Her hair is under her direct control, and she uses it to ensnare men. She is said to wander the roads of the Japanese prefecture of Ehime on the island of Shikoku, searching for victims. When she finds a young man, she will laugh at him, and if the young man dares to laugh back, Harionago will drop her terrible, barbed hair and attack.

the challenge was to modernize it, and I immediately knew what i was doing.

A beautiful young japanese girl wandering around the backstreets and allys. Do you dare to laugh back at her?

i had so much fun doing this, and challenged myself a lot, and am SO happy with the results <3 its fun to do something different every now and then
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