Zutara Week: Mythology Picture

Wow... DONE ALL ON THE COMPUTER 8DDDD (jump up and down with me plzz, i usually completly suck on the comp with that stupid mouse, but ive used it long enough to create THIS 8D)

Okay, its a bit sketchy but whatever, i think it turned out okay ^^.
Now about the myth thing...I totally twisted the :
# Amaterasu (incarnation of the sun)
# Tsukuyomi (incarnation of the moon)
# Susanoo (incarnation of storms and ruler of the sea)

thing... what whatever, im not one to go and read some big long thing, so i just sorta took the names and ignored the stories ^^ ;
Katara and Zuko (C) nickelodeon
the idea of zutara week- (C) *GreenifyME (i think)

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