Timeline of norse mythology. Picture

Thought I'd upload this just encase anyone was interested.
I did a lot of research and spent hours reading translations of original texts and searching for mentions of minor characters and references to other myths. Not all the myths are on here (I'm only one persona and there are so many) But they should be fairly easy to place so if you tell me one I will refer to my notes and read a translation and let you know where it fits in.
Any myths that could have happened anywhere between two events are marked with the colour lines indicating there range of possible time slots. Let me know if you want any reasons for things being where they are, all have reasons but they cant all fit on the final time line. Am thinking of making a computer one with all the info and adding every new myth I read but computer stuff confuses me and so might never happen.

Update: Thought I'd try to make a slightly neater updated version. It's not much neater, but I tried.
Found some interesting stuff while researching this, something that didn't make it on to the time line is that it's just after Thor stops being friends with Loki that Loki goes and sleeps with Sif, in fact unless there's a lost myth its the first time Thor leaves with out him. My guess is Loki not to happy to be left behind.
Also the myths from the forming period are really hard to order because we don't have the whole myth for most of them just mentions and references in the later stories so the whole period is open to a lot of interpretation. The middle period seems to have the most myths and is what I tend to think of as now, with the whole Loki kills balder then is bound thing in the future. Partly go with that because I don't like to think of poor Loki bound and poor Sigyn stuck with him and partly because Balders death is described as the beginning of Ragnarok and its been a thousand years, no Ragnarok, that is either one slow apocalypse or is the future. (Assuming we aren't living in a post Ragnarok world, but that would mean Balder's in charge and all the cool ones are dead, so no just no, we are in the middle period damn it.)
Although if we are in the middle period it does beg some questions about earthquakes, but I choose to ignore those questions. After all Jesus is a thousand years late why can't ragnarok be?
(I have my own idea of the order that is in the short story Loki Odin and Hoenir if you wanna here it. ^_^)
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